Parent Coordinator

Understanding the Role of the Parent Coordinator

In her role as Parent Coordinator, Dr. Costello helps to reduce the adverse effects on the family unit by working with the parties to facilitate effective joint decision making. When disagreements arise in the negotiation process, Dr. Costello provides the parties with strategies and support that can assist in resolving conflicts.

One of the most exceptional values of having a Parenting Coordinator is the creation and implementation of a parenting plan that is specifically tailored to your unique family. When creating a parenting plan, Dr. Costello works cohesively with parents to accommodate the needs of each family member.

When working with a Parent Coordinator, decision making authority remains in your hands. Dr. Costello’s role is to help ensure that the important decisions you are making will become sustainable when put into practice over the long-term. She does this by assisting the parties in making decisions together, even in high conflict situations, by relying on effective communication and co-strategies.