Family Mediation

Although conflict within families is sometimes unavoidable, family mediation is designed to help you and your loved ones reach peaceful resolution. By working with a trained and qualified neutral mediator, you and your loved ones will be guided through a process of resolution that includes honest and open discussion of differences, clarity regarding all viewpoints, and the formulation of a mutually acceptable solution. This process can be used to help parents, children, siblings or any combination thereof.

When should Mediation begin?
The best time to begin mediation is as soon as a conflict begins causing you undue stress or worry. The sooner you seek mediated assistance, the more likely you are to avoid complications arising from escalating emotions and festering frustrations. Getting in touch with a mediator can help save you unnecessary heartache, and mediation is often a less costly alternative than taking a conflict to court. A simple phone call can save you time, energy, and money.

Who should participate?
family-mediation-2Mediation meetings are tailored to you. Sessions may involve all parties meeting jointly together, as individual in separate sessions, or a combination of both. A decision will be made by you and the mediator regarding what manner of meeting is most appropriate for your unique circumstances.

In some instances, attorneys for the parties, and other professional, may participate in mediation sessions. This can be particularly helpful toward the end of the negotiations when it may be necessary to formalize legal or financial details. Your mediator will work with you to decide what is best for your circumstances.

Our goal is to help you end all negotiations with a calm and open mind.

“There are three ways of dealing with difference: domination, compromise, and integration. By domination only one side gets what it wants; by compromise neither side gets what it wants; by integration we find a way by which both sides may get what they wish.” ~ Mary Parker Follett

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